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Fire Initiatives  (Chief Coppa)

1.  Training Tower

Continue support for the training tower with additions to the initial project.  This has become an invaluable asset to our department and our mutual aid partners.

Request - $20,000 over the next few years

2.  Training Facility at Station 2

Remodel the training space with new movable walls, built-in theatrical smoke system, piped in noise, breaching and breaking props, and appropiate flooring.

Request - $20,000 over the next few years

3.  Hostile Event bags

Upgrade existing hostile event bags and their contents to what many of our mutual aid cities are carrying.  Create a training cache of these bags and supplies to train with, to maintain the integrity of our actual response equipment.

Request - $5,000 for 16 response kits and 6 training kits

Tax deductible donations can be made. . .

by mail to:

Plymouth Crime and Fire Prevention Fund, 3400 Plymouth Boulevard, Plymouth, MN 55447

online at:

imgresclick "find a cause" and search Plymouth Crime and Fire Prevention Fund or directly to   https: